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She influenced governors, legislators, game managers, game wardens, reporters, wildlife organizations and other hunters. READ her hunting adventures, how she went from anti-hunter to avid hunter, how she battled poachers, how she stood up for Game Management against the powerfully organized,  how she changed the deer bag limits, and the history of deer hunting in Georgia, from stump sitting along scrape lines to sitting in high towers over food plots. “Young folks don’t know what thrills they are missing,” she says of the new hunting techniques. 438 pp, indexed, over 100 photos.

When Darkness Fell 


  "Susan Lindsley writes in the tradition of the South's best: Caldwell,        O'Conner, McCullers and Bragg."
                   Peggy Mercer, Georgia Author of the Year 2011

       "...musical prose that feels as if the stories of her characters are being        whispered in your ear...a voice reminiscent of Eudora Welty."
                   CD Mitchell, Award winning author of Alligator Stew and God's Naked Will

A Heart Attack
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