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    — Margaret Mitchell: A Scarlett Or A Melanie?

    — Susan Myrick of Gone With The Wind:
An Autobiographical Biography   

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A Heart Attack
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In writing a poem one day, I could not think of a word to rhyme with lace. I searched my mind, and I searched rhyming dictionaries. Place, grace, race, and a few other words came to mind, but none


had the three-beat rhythm I also needed. "Yesterplace" popped into my mind and I fell in love with the word. It became the theme of the poetry book.
The word enthralls, satisfies emotional needs in poetry, and conjures up many distant images of both joy and sorrow.
My first definition was "anywhere you have ever been, either emotionally or physically, that calls you back."
I submitted Yesterplace to the Oxford English Dictionary as a new word, but when they refused to enter it because the only information I could provide was my own usage, I decided to get it more widely used.
I began with making it my trademark and continued by writing the novel When Darkness Fell on Yesterplace, and the memoir Yesterplace.
Perhaps you will use Yesterplace in both your writing and conversations and we can get it into the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary..

  Susan Lindsley


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